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We welcome your involvement with Reading Partners at Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School. Our students are looking forward to another year of educational success and continuous improvement in reading. The personal one-on-one tutoring of students not only helps them academically, but boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Our Reading Partners classroom creates a warm and supportive atmosphere in which students can thrive. It is evident that our volunteers have shown genuine concern for our students, which makes them eager to read with success. Thank you for continuing to work with us to make sure our school is a place where every student can achieve success!

Kimberly Hill-Miller

Meet your site coordinator

Merhawit Tesfay is the site coordinator at Lockerman Bundy Elementary. She runs the reading center and will be your go-to source for any questions you may have during your time as a reading partner. She is always available during your tutoring session to share tips and tricks, review lessons, and help keep your student on track.

Merhawit Tesfay
AmeriCorps Site Coordinator at Lockerman Bundy Elementary 

When I was 16 I flew half across the world, literally! I was born and raised in Ethiopia. It was a pretty astonishing transition because it was a completely different setting, culture and norms. The opportunities that are available to me here have molded me to believe that everyone deserves a chance, especially those that are considered disadvantaged. Children and Global Women's social issues are my passion. I aspire to specialize in those two issues, because I believe changing their life is changing the world and bettering our future.  As a site coordinator at Lockerman Bundy, I am very excited with the opportunity I am given to work with Reading Partners to provide direct and effective resources to students and increase their reading proficiency.


Meet your Reading Partners team

Brian White 
Senior AmeriCorps Literacy Lead at Lockerman Bundy Elementary

For a nearly decade now, I have been tailoring my skills towards a single goal: facilitating new and emerging curricula into standard education practices.  When students have positive associations with the learning experiences, their information retention rates are increased. When they have no fear of lasting failure, they learn and experiment with concepts more quickly.  I feel this play-like approach to learning has remarkable potential— so much so that I have spent the past several years studying how to cultivate it through my bachelors in digital entertainment, and subsequent work in the field developing video games for AAA studios. Here at Reading Partners, I implement our curriculum with fidelity while fostering the ludic attitude in my approach to student interactions.

Patrick Gardullo
Senior AmeriCorps Regional Site Coordinator for Baltimore 

I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in German in 2014. A son, nephew, and grandson of teachers, I am passionate about teaching, and have been teaching and tutoring for eight years. I am currently a member of the prestigious Reading Partners AmeriCorps team and it is my pleasure to be serving a second year in my hometown of Baltimore.  I love learning and I especially enjoy reading, painting, and sailing. One of my favorite things to teach is literacy, and I look forward to the continuing opportunity to help the students of Baltimore view this subject as something they can master and enjoy!


Craig Reinauer 

Senior Program Manager

With a passion for education, Craig Reinauer attended Towson University for a dual major in elementary and special education. Leadership   roles on campus and within the residence halls inspired him to look at teaching as its own kind of leadership. This perspective led to Teach for America, where he served as a third grade teacher in Baltimore City. Craig earned his master’s degree in education from Johns Hopkins University which fueled his enthusiasm for literacy and helping young children learn to read. As program manager, Craig is thrilled to support site coordinators and students with data-driven decisions, instructional strategies, and a supreme joy of reading.